Why Frozen Food?
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Why Frozen Food?

Because at Dexin food

  • Vegetables and fruits are very fresh, because they are harvested in their production season.
  • They are always natural, because they do not have any preservatives.
  • Food security is high, thanks to the hygiene standards which are brought under control during harvest, production and distribution periods.
  • It is healthy, because all the production process from the beginning to the end is checked and controlled.
  • Loss in nutritional value is minimum, because production is carried out immediately after harvesting.
  • The taste and freshness of foods remain the same, because the quality of raw material does not change.
  • Product quality is standard, because all products are produced in accordance with certain specifications.
  • It eases the preparation of standard menu, because users can supply the same product on 365 days and in four seasons
  • Use of the products is very practical.
  • They can be used for a long time as long as they are preserved at -18°C.
  • Remaining product can be stored after the necessary quantity is used.
  • It provides a fixed price advantage, because the prices of the products are defined during the production period.
  • Payment is made over net weight and that brings cost efficiency.
  • It is economical because payment is made for net products which are ready-to-cook.
  • It provides time saving, because cleaning and precooking are already made.
  • Preliminary preparation is not needed, so it provides energy saving.
  • There are not any trash, stink or pest problem, because there is no product waste
  • It is ready to use, so it provides staff saving in such issues as laboring, transportation and merchandising.
  • The nutritional values and usage information of the product are clearly stated on the package.

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